CCR Normoxic Trimix diver


CCR Normoxic Trimix program is designed to train divers who wish to dive between 90 fsw (27 msw) and 200 fsw (60 msw). But do not wish to breathe air diluent below 90 feet (27) msw on CCR. In the safe use of the CCR for dives using Normoxic helium-based gas mixtures for diluent, and for stages.This program qualifies divers to perform Trimix Dives outside of training up to 200 fsw (60 msw)

※Diver qualified on specific rebreather such as rEvo, Prism 2, Megalodon, Pathfinder, O2ptima, Inspiration Classic/Vision, Evolution, Kiss Classic, Kiss Orca spirit, Kiss Sidekick m-CCR, SF2 Back mount/Side mount , Liberty Back mount/Side mount


  1. Must be qualified as an IANTD CCR Diver.

  2. Must provide proof of a minimum of 100 logged dives, of which at least 30 were deeper than 90 fsw (27 msw).

  3. Must be qualified as a CCR Diver.

  4. Must have 20 dives and 25 hours on the CCR being used.

  5. Must be a minimum of 18 years of age.

Includes: 1 pool session. Academic portions,4 to 6 dives and a minimum of 300 minutes in water training

Course price

  1. Course fee  $1,500.00

  2. Student manual  $75.00,  Certification fee  $60.00

  3. Excludes: Gas, Sofnolime, Rent of Rebreather

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