CCR Trimix Instructor course


This Program is designed to develop qualified IANTD Rebreather Instructors in an extended decompression diving environment using helium-based gas mixtures.

※Instructor qualified on specific rebreather such as rEvo, Prism 2, Megalodon, Inspiration Classic, Inspiration Vision, Evolution, Evolution+, Kiss Classic



  1. Must be qualified as a IANTD Rebreather Normoxic Instructor in Active Teaching Status.

  2. Have a minimum of two (2) years of teaching experience, and proof of a minimum of at least 150 logged Rebreather dives.

  3. Must have taught 6 Rebreather Diver programs of which 3 must have been Normoxic Trimix Rebreather Diver.

  4. Must provide proof of a minimum of 400 logged dives, of which 100 were on Trimix.

  5. Must be a minimum of 21 years of age.


Program Content

  1. Review all academic portions of the IANTD Rebreather Trimix Diver Student Kit.

  2. Review all appropriate IANTD slides.

  3. Assist in at least one (1) Trimix Rebreather Diver Program, which may be part of the IEC.

  4. Give assigned lectures and demonstrate a practical teaching skills to the IT’s satisfaction.

  5. Supervise all course dives on the Rebreather, and in the presence of the IT. Any skills are at the discretion of the IT to be taken from the Trimix Rebreather Diver course.

  6. A Rebreather Trimix Instructor may teach CCR Trimix on any CCR they are diver qualified on
    They may not: 
    a. Teach Recreational Rebreather Diver or Rebreather Diver on a Rebreather they are not a Rebreather Instructor on.
    b. NOTE: They may not teach OC Trimix Divers unless OC Trimix Instructor qualified.

Equipment Requirements

  1. IANTD Rebreather Trimix Diver Student Kit.
    a. (RB) IANTD “S” drill chart C-3401 and Rebreather Skills Sheets C-3400 1&2.

  2. All Equipment Requirements listed in the IANTD Rebreather Trimix Diver Program are mandatory.

  3. Must own or have unlimited access to a Rebreather.


Course price

  • Course fee  $2,000

  • Excludes: Manual, Certification fee, Gas, Sofnolime, Rent of Rebreather


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