Hollis Explorer Sport Rebreather diver



DURATION:  3 days (minimum)  

PREREQUISITES:  Open Water Diver 

Enriched Air Nitrox Diver 

Minimum of 15 years old 


COST:  From $1,200


For divers wanting to explore the aquatic realm on the Hollis Explorer, the IANTD Recreational Semi-Closed Circuit Rebreather course is the perfect place to start. 


The IANTD RSCR course will cover everything from Explorer design, assembly, predive checks, routine maintenance, dive planning and theory in the classroom. In water, the course is a minimum of four dives and 240 mins to ensure this knowledge is firmly applied to diving safely, covering dive skills, watermanship and problem management. 


At the end of the course, Open Water divers will receive the IANTD SCR qualification allowing them to dive to a maximum depth of 21m, while divers who hold AOW or Deep Diver certifications can qualify with 30m and 40m depth limits respectively, with the completion of additional skills during the course. 


Both the IANTD AOW course and IANTD Deep Specialty course can be taken on the Hollis Explorer as a 'top up' to the 21m certification.


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