IART CCR Level-1 Nitrox


This course develops in the participant, the required abilities, knowledge and techniques to dive responsibly with the CCR within sport diving and no-decompression limits.

※Diver qualified on specific rebreather such as rEvo, Prism 2, Megalodon, Pathfinder, O2ptima, Inspiration Classic/Vision, Evolution, Kiss Classic, Kiss Orca spirit, Kiss Sidekick m-CCR, SF2 Back mount/Side mount, Liberty 



  1. 50 logged dives, Advanced open water or equivalent

  2. qualification, Nitrox Diver certification

  3. valid diving medical.

Course content 

  1. All theoretical and practical aspects of diving with the specific CCR  as described in the IART manual.

  2. In addition to time spent by the participant reading through the manual, the course duration is generally four to five days. It covers, in addition to extending and deepening

  3. The theoretical knowledge of the participant, training in pool/confined water and open water with not less than 300 minutes total in-water time on CCR.

  4. The instructor : student ratio is not permitted to exceed 1:2


Course price

  1. Course fee   $1,500

  2. Student manual  $75.00,  Certification fee  $60.00

  3. Excludes: Gas, Sofnolime, Rent of Rebreather


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