Instructructor Masayoshi Kondo


Masayoshi(Masa) is a highly experienced technical diver and a Rebreather Instructor/Instructor trainer, teaching every courses from entry level CCR diving to 100m mixed gas CCR diving. He is an IANTD International Active Board of Advisor, and is owner of many rebreather units including rEvo, Liberty, SF2, Inspiration/Evolution, Kiss Orca, Megalodon, Pathfinder, Priam 2, Explorer, Kiss GEM PSCR and etc. 

IANTD(International Association of Nitrox and Technical Divers) #3825

Nitrox Instructor

Advanced Nitrox Instructor

Advanced Recreational Trimix Instructor  

Normoxic Trimix Instructor

Trimix Instructor

Gas Blender Instructor

APD Inspiration Classic/Vision/Evolution CCR Instructor

KISS Classic/Sport/Orca spirit CCR Instructor

KISS GEM p-SCR Instructor

KISS Sidekick Instructor

ISC Megalodon CCR Instructor

ISC Pathfinder CCR Instructor

rEvo h-CCR rMS Instructor

SF2 e-CCR Side mount/Back mount Instructor

DIVE RITE O2ptima CCR Instructor

Hollis Prism 2 TEK CCR Instructor

Hollis Explorer e-SCR Instructor

CCR Liberty Instructor

CCR Normoxic Trimix Instructor

CCR Trimix Instructor

CCR Cave Instructor

CCR Wreck Instructor


IANTD Instructor Trainer #662

Nitrox Instructor Trainer

Advanced Nitrox Instructor Trainer

Advanced Recreational Trimix Instructor Trainer 

Normoxic Trimix Trimix Instructor Trainer

Trimix Instructor Trainer

Gas Blender Instructor Trainer

APD Inspiration Classic/Vosion/Evolution CCR Instructor Trainer 

KISS GEM p-SCR Instructor Trainer
KISS Sidekick mCCR Instructor Trainer

KISS Classic/Sport/Orca Instructor Trainer

ISC Megalodon CCR Instructor Trainer

ISC Pathfinder CCR Instructor Trainer

SF2 ECCR Side mount/Back mount Instructor Trainer 

Hollis Prism2 TEK CCR Instructor Trainer

Hollis Explorer e-SCR Instructor Trainer

Divesoft Liberty CCR Instructor Trainer

CCR Normoxic Trimix Instructor Trainer

CCR Trimix Instructor Trainer

CCR Cave Instructor Trainer

IART(International Association of Rebreather Trainers)#JP0118

Nitrox diver Instructor

Advanced Nitrox Instructor

Extended Range Normoxic Trimix Instructor

Advanced Trimix Instructor

Gas Blender Instructor

Recreatinal Trimix Instructor

Decompression diver Instructor 

APD Inspiration classic/Vision/Evolution CCR Level Ⅲ Instructor

rEvo h-CCR rMS Level Ⅲ Instructor

SF2 ECCR Sidemount/Backmount Level Ⅲ Instructor 

KISS GEM/GEM Sidekick Level ⅠInstructor

KISS Orca Sprit Level ⅡInstructor

KISS Sidekick CCR Level Ⅲ Instructor

KISS Classic Level ⅢInstructor

ISC Megalodon CCR Level Ⅲ Instructor

ISC Pathfinder CCR Level Ⅱ Instructor

Hollis Prism2 TEK CCR  Level Ⅲ Instructor

Hollis Explorer e-SCR Instructor

Divesoft Liberty CCR Level Ⅲ Instructor

IART Instructor Trainer

Nitrox diver Instructor Trainer

Advanced Nitrox diver Instructor Trainer

Extended Range Normoxic Trimix Instructor Trainer

Advanced Trimix Instructor Trainer

Gas Blender Instructor Trainer

Recreatioanl Trimix Instructor Trainer

Decompression diver Instructor Trainer

APD Inspiration Classic/Vision/Evolution CCR LevelⅢ IT

KISS GEM/GEM Sidekick SCR LevelⅠ Instructor Trainer
KISS Classic/Sidekick m-CCR LevelⅢ Instructor Trainer

KISS Orca Sprit LevelⅡ Instructor Trainer

ISC Megalodon CCR LevelⅢ Instructor Trainer

ISC Pathfinder CCR LevelⅡ Instructor Trainer

Holls Prism2 TEK CCR LevelⅢ Instructor Trainer

Hollis Explorer LevelⅠ Instructor Trainer

SF2 CCR Sidemount/Backmount Level Ⅲ Instructor

DIVESOFT Liberty CCR Level Ⅲ Instructor