Recreatioan Rebreather Instructor


This Program is designed to develop qualified IANTD Recreational Rebreather Instructors (RCCR or RSCR Instructor).

(include Hollis Explorer, Kiss GEM p-SCR, Kiss GEM Sidekick p-SCR)



  1. Be an IANTD OW Instructor qualified to teach the IANTD EANx program.

  2. The Candidate must provide proof of a minimum of 150 logged dives, of which at least 50 dives including 50 hours of run-time were on the CCR on which they are becoming an instructor

  3. An IANTD RCCR Instructor doing an IANTD Instructor Crossover from one (1) CCR to another RCCR must log a minimum of 30 dives and 40 hours on the CCR prior to attending the Instructor Crossover IEC.

  4. A full CCR Instructor doing an IANTD Instructor Crossover to another CCR at RCCR instructor level must log 5 dives and 10 hours on the RCCR prior to attending the IEC

  5. Note a RCCR instructor who is not a full CCR instructor who wishes to update to CCR instructor must complete a CCR diver course and must be Advanced EANx instructor and once having a met the remaining prerequisites for CCR instructor attend the IEC

  6. Must be a minimum of 18 years of age.


Program Content

  1. Must assist in at least one (1) complete RCCR Program as part of the IEC.

  2. Complete an IEC evaluation.

Equipment Requirements

  1. All Equipment Requirements listed in the IANTD RCCR or RSCR Rebreather-specific Diver Program are mandatory. Must have adequate bailout gas

  2. IANTD RCCR or RSCR Rebreather-specific Diver Student Kit.

  3. Must own or have unlimited access to a the RCCR or RSCR they will be teaching on.


Course price

  1. Course fee  $1,500

  2. Excludes: Manual, Certification fee, Gas, Sofnolime, Rent of Rebreather


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